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Highly professional with a sincere goal of helping the patient get better through his expertise

Ty Y.

First, we would like to give our appreciation towards our son’s chiropractor, Dr. Brian Di Russa.

Before we heard about the successes in the field of chiropractic, we were taking our son, Alonzo to a pediatrician. Alonzo has a very severe case of asthma and he was on very strong medications. The pediatrician did everything that a good doctor could do. But sometimes the human body can take only so much and when that happens, the body’s systems need help—help with the body itself, from within. And that is where Dr. Di Russa and his staff come in.

When Alonzo gets sick, he loses the use of his legs plus there is a discoloration in his legs and lower lip. Dr. Di Russa was very concerned when we first told him this, and he asked if he could see Alonzo immediately. On Alonzo’s first visit, Dr. Di Russa asked him what happened when he had attacks.  Alonzo said his legs would hurt as if he had been running for a long time.  We would notice at home that Alonzo would always lie on the floor when he was having trouble breathing. When Alonzo was first seen by Dr. Di Russa he was still having severe asthma attacks.  However, after several adjustments, my husband and I noticed a great change.  He hasn’t had any severe asthma attacks.  He has cut down the use of medications for his asthma.  We noticed he has more energy.  He doesn’t tire as easily.  We have found that bringing Alonzo to Dr. Di Russa has helped him very much.  Dr. Di Russa has not told us to take Alonzo off the asthma medicine, but he is not taking it as much and to our family that is a great success.  Alonzo knows his body and has been feeling much better.  He feels that Dr. Di Russa is helping his body to be healthier overall.  We like the results we have seen. Chiropractic is great!  We believe to the fullest that it works.  Our son Alonzo is proof of that!

Thank You!

Brian DiRussa, DC
Mr. & Mrs. Leslie M.
Patient Testimonial

Brian is wonderful. He was so helpful to me this summer when I was in a lot of pain. He is extremely knowledgeable and is very focused on fixing your issues.

Sarah G.

Fantastic experience this morning. Very detailed explanation of my condition and treatment. I have suffered from lower back issues for 25 years. Dr. DiRussa was very thorough in our discussion of past issues and treatment and what we will do going forward. I am very pleased to have this level of treatment close to my new neighborhood.

Michael K.

My name is Antonio L.  My particular condition was the result of a car accident. I was having problems in my lower back and neck.  My friend Hugo L. referred me to Dr. Di Russa’s office and since I started my treatment my back has been getting better and better everyday.

Brian DiRussa, DC
Antonio L.
Patient Testimonial

Brian is the best.  Caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping you feel better.  He’s helped me on many occasions and I’ve recommended him to many people who have had the same positive experience.

Roy S.
Yelp Review

I have been a patient of Dr. DiRussa for 6 months. I have had terrific results . Every every appointment I feel better and more aligned. The office is very clean and hours flexible. Dr. DiRussa is professional and informed. I will continue to see him for all my chiropractic needs in the future.

Tara M.

Dr. was amazing. First visit made immediate improvements and he spent considerable time with me. I am a believer in chiropractic medicine and Brian is a star.

Jordan L.

Personable and customized professional sports medicine care.

Jack R.

I was having terrible neck and upper back pains on my left side and then it switched to my right.  I had it for a week because I slept wrong.  It was horrible.  I didn’t want to move!  I had been treated by another chiropractor but I stopped after a few times because I wasn’t comfortable.  I had been to massage therapists but the results only lasted a day or two.

My whole family goes to Dr. Brian, so they all told me to go to see him, because he is amazing!  I have only been going a couple of weeks, but I feel great!  I don’t wake up in pain and I don’t go to sleep in pain.  I have never felt more refreshed!

Brian DiRussa, DC
Jennifer P.
Patient Testimonial

Dr. DiRussa helped me immensely with my lower back pain. He also prescribes specific exercises that you do at home, in addition to the in office treatments that I found to be highly effective.

Victoria K.

I came in with an emergency back spasm that made even breathing painful. I had never been to the practice, so normally the rules would dictate that I can’t come for a walk-in new patient visit. Seeing the dire need, however, Dr. DiRussa created a quick gap in his calendar to see me and very quickly alleviated the issue, having me back to normal in just a day or two. He’s knowledgeable of the work and a compassionate caregiver; I highly recommend!

Rome A.

My name is Donna E. and here is my “Success Story”:

A couple years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative back condition. I wanted to keep active, but I was having difficulty because of back pain. Dr. Di Russa was recommended to me. He helped me immediately by making adjustments to my back. His adjustments have been excellent. But, since he got the new high tech machine (PRO-ADJUSTER/SIGMA INSTRUMENT), they have become even better. For instance, the other day I came in with a lot of tightness in my back. Through the machine, he diagnosed and treated the exact areas that needed treatment. After his magic with the “mini jack hammer” on my back, not only was I able to move without pain but I was also able to sleep better. I’m a senior citizen but I certainly don’t want to sit around in a rocking chair. Thanks to Dr. Di Russa, I hope to be active and traveling for many years. Dr. Di Russa has the patience and genuine concern that make him a very special human being and doctor.

Brian DiRussa, DC
Donna E.
Patient Testimonial

Was very friendly and kind does a great job!

Brian D.
Google Review

My name is Pat A.  My lower back went into spasm while bending to throw out the garbage.  I was unable to get relief with bed rest or cold or warm compresses. I have had only 4-5 episodes of back pain during the past 35-40 years.  I have gone to other chiropractors and had good results.  My neighbor, who is also a patient here, referred me to Dr. Di Russa’s office.

I have had excellent results.  I am very conscious now of my posture and bending techniques.  I have a much better feeling of well-being.

Brian DiRussa, DC
Pat A.
Patient Testimonial
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